ISO 27001 Standard

What is the aim of information security management system (ISMS)?

The aim of ISMS is to support continuous improvement of information security management within the organizations. ISO/IEC 27001 is an internationally accepted, recognized and accepted ISMS standard. The information security, that is the subject of this management system, focuses on the analysis and the risks management associated with the loss, damage, theft or misuse of all data and information, whether in electronic or printed form, as well as information held directly by staff. This means that the purpose of this standard is to provide a comprehensive solution for information security throughout the organization.

Who is ISMS intended for?

The information security management system and the related ISO/IEC 27001 standard do not belong to any special business sector. This standard can be applied equally in all sectors; e.g. in the computer, automotive, financial, healthcare or services sectors. It can be used in all organizations where information is placed in the position of protected data.

Benefits for the organizations with certified ISMS

  • the identification of information security risks and the implementation of necessary procedures and preventive security measures for defined risks;
  • the concentration of important information in the safe storage locations;
    • to ensure the compliance with the relevant legislation in the field of data and information protection;
    • to establish and review the internal security rules;
    • the reduction of the costs caused by the information security errors;
    • the increase of the competitiveness of the organization on the domestic and foreign markets;
  • to obtain a competitive advantage in public procurement processes and in various tenders;
  • the verification of the level of information security within the organization;
  • the awareness raising, professional growth and employee motivation to protect company assets (information);
  • the increase in the credibility of the organization from the customers, government institutions´ and other partners perspective;