ISO 50001 – Energy management system

ISO 50001 – What is the goal?

  • To provide organizations from the public and private sector tool
  • To promote the improvement of the energy management indicators; for the systematic reduction of the energy consumption;
  • To improve energy efficiency through the organizational and technical measures;
  • To establish a framework for the problems solving and achieving the objectives in the field of energy use;
  • To facilitate communication in the energy resources management;
  • To encourage the search for new energy-efficient technologies;
  • To help organizations in better usage of their existing energy-consuming assets.

ISO 50001 – How does it work?

It is based on the P-D-C-A cycle, which ensures the continuous improvement of an energy management.

It provides a framework for:

  1.  defining policy to promote energy efficiency
  2. objectives achieving and energy efficiency increasing
  3. decision-making related to the energy use and consumption
  4. determining the baseline and monitoring of energy consumption
  5. reviewing policies and system efficiency
  6. continuous improving of the energy management system

It can be integrated with the other management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001).

ISO 50001 – Examples of savings from the practice

The switching program and the lightning regulation above the robots in the warehouses in the large production organizations. Savings = € 30,000

The analysis and prioritization of an energy efficient production lines in engineering production, saving 10% of the power consumption = approx € 40,000

The wrapping of the transom in an older warehouse brought reduction of temperature in the summer months by 4˚ C, replacement of air unit = savings approx € 35,000

All these measures were adopted on the basis of the analysis and    measurements during the implementation of ISO 50001.

ISO 50001 – What are the benefits?

Services of ASTRAIA Certification in the field of EnMS:

  • Accredited certification according to ISO 50001
  • Compliance audits and pre-certification audits of EnMS
  • Training of implementation teams
  • Training of internal auditors

ISO 50001 – Our references

We dispose experts in the energy use and consumption
We have performed audits in accordance with ISO 50001 within following companies:
GGB Slovakia s.r.o.